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October 19, 2015 -- deleted frames
October 11, 2009 -- added some movie preview scripts for amazon. Added some short one line descriptions at the top of th emain category pages to make search engine indexing easier.
October 10, 2009 -- added Chitika ads.
September 26, 2009 -- updated the privacy policy
November 3, 2007 -- commenced a major site redesign aimed at improving useability of the site. So far I have remade the home page.
August 8, 2007 -- Improved the layout of the Terms of Use section and also fixed some broken images in the free graphics section
July 23, 2007 -- Improved the layout of the free backgrounds graphics section.
May 27, 2007 -- Created an improved site map as well as a google xml map and a link report using the create site map creator tool found at The link report list all broken links and will be used in debugging the site. Not that there are that many broken links, but there are a few and this will make it easier to identify them.
February 24, 2007 -- Submitted this site and its xml directory to
January 12, 2007 -- added free content including free graphics, backgrounds and web templates. Also created various options for linking back to us.
January 13, 2007 -- added new websites to the webmaster tools section.
January 13, 2007 -- added a tutorial on how to add backgrounds to your site.
January 14, 2007 -- added alt tags to the free backgrounds as well as some funny quotes.
January 15, 2007 -- created an rss feed of sites that link to us. The next step will be to build an rss feed of this site news.
January 18, 2007 -- added more links to the link feed.
January 20, 2007 -- improved the tile tag for the main page and signed up with linkmarket to increase the link popularity of the free graphics section.
January 27, 2007 -- added new link partners.

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