Haikus (a form of poetry originating in Japan) lend themselves especially well to being created by Random Haiku Generators because their strict syntax rules can be easily duplicated by a software program. These haikus were created with random Haiku created with the Broken Poem Generator.

Haiku 1

Shopping in the mall
where blossoms once invited
coat check girl alone
Haiku 2
a thirsty poet cooks a rigid boss

the melancholy flower freezes the rare candle
Haiku 3
This haiku was created using the software at http://www.virtualcourtney.com/toys/haiku-generator/

icing the walrus--
balloon upbeat buddha soul?
lonely clown igloo!

Haiku 4
In the woods
The sound of fall
And footfalls.

Haiku 5
This haiku was generated by http://www.everypoet.com/haiku/default.htm
 abandonment plays
 snidely, fire hastens, searching
 crying catapult

Haiku 5
This haiku was randomly generated by http://website.lineone.net/%7Ecrowseed/crowcity/studio/haiku.html
a haunting stream -
the crow may know of nightmare -
autumn, scary

Created with the Haiku Generator at http://www.mouthfulofmoonlight.com/randomhaiku.html

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