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  • It's punishable by a $3,000 fine in West Plains, Maryland to spit on a sidewalk within 495 feet of a posted "NO SPITTING ON SIDEWALK" sign.
  • In Utah, it's a misdemeanor to fall asleep while wearing a XXXL T-shirt.
  • In Ackurm City, Rhode Island, it's illegal to attend church without bringing a loaded gun to ward off Indian attacks.
  • In East Foraz, Georgia, it's against the law to view a camel from an airplane.
  • It's a felony in Lower Foushee, California for a lawmaker to compose a law that a typical eighth-grader would be unable to comprehend.
  • It's illegal in Chamberlin, Minnesota to insult an elected official on July 4th.
  • According to California law, it's a crime to allow a minor to operate a ceiling fan unsupervised.
  • It's against the law to skip church to go to a tractor pull on a Sunday under the South Carolina State Constitution.
  • Under the Alaska State Constitution, it's illegal to create a website that contains JavaScript.
  • According to Arizona law, it's a Class B felony to eat peanuts and open a soda can at the same time within 750 feet of a city park before dawn.
  • It's illegal in Blase City, Hawaii to discriminate against a fireman who is unable to drive a car.
  • In Heidi City County, Oregon, it's a misdemeanor to bring a crying baby to a tractor pull.
  • According to Georgia law, it's a Class C misdemeanor to refer to an elderly person as a "geezer" without a license.
  • It's a felony to keep more than 15 inoperable vehicles in front of a house in Massachusetts.
  • It's a misdemeanor in Blueboro, Michigan to refer to an elderly person as a "geezer" without permission.
  • It's a Class A felony in Ibach Village, Alabama for a teenager to dance without a license.
  • It's a Class A felony in New Pass, New Jersey to use "dihydrogen monoxide" as a dangerous weapon.
  • According to Georgia law, it's a Class B misdemeanor to loiter in front of a elected official's house.
  • It's prohibited in Little Simsboroburg, Oklahoma to write a letter to the editor of a newspaper unless you are registered to vote.
  • It's illegal to hitch a horse to a parking meter within 150 feet of a church in Wisconsin.
  • In Montana, it's unlawful to discriminate against a milkman who is unable to carry an ice cream cone.
  • It's a violation of the law in Walter Harbor, West Virginia to open a soda can while in a burning building.
  • It's against the law in South Vermontton, Idaho to operate a microbrewery on a bridge.
  • It's a felony to drive a car while in a burning building in North Dakota.

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