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The trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it. -- Franklin P. Jones

  introduction is a directory and archive of free online tools for webmasters and generators (not the electrical variety!) of various sorts.

We feature a collection of funny and sometimes useful online generators including the post modernist essay generator (sound intelligent while spouting gibberish) and the Super Hero Name Generator. Give youself super powers!

Some generators and online tools are offbeat, inspired wastes of time, and we marvel at the wasted creativity that went into building them. On the other hand, many of the tools and online generators are actually useful. We have collected links and descriptions of the sites we like.

Today's Featured Tools

  • The Random Poetry Generator
  • at

  • The Phrase Thesaurus
  • an online creativity tool for writers at

  • The Random Webpage Generator
  • at which creates random web pages simply by altering the style sheet. Some are just awful but some results are actually usable.

  • Check out our great collection of free graphics and backgrounds that you can use to enhance your website.



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