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Here you will find a collection of weird and wonderful software tools for your website.

Explore the funnier side of the internet with these boredom busting online tools and gizmos. These cool online tools are anything but useful, but they are fun.

Featured Cool Internet Tools

Butt Ugly Home Decor

Okay, this isn't realy a tool, unless you want to make your home fugly. But this website specializes in selling the ugliest home decorations on the planet.

Build a Solar System

Build your own solar system by selecting the orbits and other characteristics of your planets. If you are lucky some may support life.

Time Line Generator

Simply type in the name of your kingdom and the timeline generator will create a history for your people.

Mondrian Machine

Make your own Mondrian artwork. It's easy.

Google Poem

Make a Google poem. Input a word and the google poem generator will make a poem based on the google search results for that term.

Custom Error Messages

Generate custom error messages or popup warning screens.

Wasted Life

This search engine lists what other people have done with their lives when they were your age. Simply type in your age and discover, what you could have accomplished if you had not been spending so much time in front of the computer or building websites like this one.

Random Cocktail Generator

Tired of getting drunk by guzzling the same old alcoholic beverage. This cool online tool will generate random cocktail recipes based on the type of drink you want. Puts the fun back into getting drunk.

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