The predominance of the Google search engine is evidenced by the amazing number of websites dedicated to enhancing the google search experience. Some are truly useful. Others are quite funny. While others are just plain weird.

Featured Tools

Guess the Google

This website creates a montage of images drawn from google images. The object of the game is to guess what search term generated the images you see.

Find Out What Google Thinks About You will find out what thinks of you. Enter a name and see what Google knows about that person.

Hacks for Google Earth

The popular map and satellite picture search engine from Google can be enhanced by using a number of hacks, including the Individual 3D Structures hack in which - Noteworthy structures are rendered in 3d. This site offers a number of google earth hacks for you to use.

Google Whacking

The google database is so large that almost every two combinations of words, no matter how obscure they may be, are bound to occur in at least a few web pages. The goal of the googlewhack game is to find that elusive query (two words - no quote marks) with a single result! It's a lot harder than you might think.

Google Rotated

If you have ever wanted to view the Google search results tilted at a 90 degree angle, then this website is for you!

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