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Find Expired Domains

Most of the good domain names were registered long ago. Luckily for me domainwalrus.com had never been registered by anyone. Go figure! But you can find other great domains whose owners have allowed their registration to lapse using a variety of expired and deleted domain lists. The one at JustDropped.com is free but searching is often painfully slow.

Fun and Games With del.icio.us

The site says: “extisp.icio.us text gives you a random textual scattering of a del.icio.us user's tags, sized according to the number of times that they've used each of them, and leaves you to draw your own insights from the overlapping entrails. ”

Software Executive in A Box

Build funny job descriptions using typical catch phrases from IT job ads. Here are some generated with this tool: 1) Incrementally Responsive User-Grade Movement Service 2) Objectively Convergent Success-Dependent Industry Partner 3) Globally State-of-the-Art Implementation-Compatible Context Flexibility 4) Competitively Contemporary Functionality-Powered Solution Implementation 5) Alternatively Directed Control-Oriented Vendor Decision 6) Upwardly Centered Media-Determinable Account Supplier

Online Bookmarks

In my opinion, this is simply the best online storage for all your bookmarks. Allows you to store, sort and search all your bookmarks. Simply export them from your computer and you will never lose a site again.

Free RSS Feeds

A searchable directory of rss and xml feeds on every topic you can think of. Grab these feeds and add fresh content to you site.

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